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Dad Excellence Academy

Welcome to Dad Excellence Academy

Welcome to Dad Excellence Academy

Welcome to Dad Excellence AcademyWelcome to Dad Excellence Academy

Father Absence Crisis In America

Our Current Epidemic

As of now, 63% of all youth suicides come from fatherless homes. 71% of dropouts, 73% of incarcerated males, 90% of homeless youth, 85% of all incarcerated youth, 65% of teen pregnancy and 85% of all youth displaying behavioral disorders all stem from fatherless homes. Over 24 million kids in America are living in fatherless home. 

Our Mission

Without a positive example of what it is to be a man, guys are a drift. This could lead to, among many things, apathy domestic violence, frustration, anger, and promiscuity. That being said we desire to increase our service of assistance and mentoring to young fathers. In our Dad-E Academy, we have courses and mentoring workshops in: Integrity, Validation, Hopelessness, Family Preparation, Fatherhood and Communication, Fatherhood and Culture, Fatherhood and Spirituality. We also assist and train them in basic infant care such as nurturing, infant health, hygiene, daddy bonding.